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    Betzua Brown

    Doctor Who

    (Doctor Who Graphic Novels: The Eighth Doctor, #1)
    by Alan Barnes, Scott Gray, Adrian Salmon, Martin Geraghty, Elitta Fell

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    • Publisher: Panini Publishing Ltd
    • Genres: comics, fiction
    • Release date: November 2005
    • Series: Doctor Who Graphic Novels: The Eighth Doctor, #1
    • Format: paperback
    • Characters: Izzy Sinclair, The Doctor, Maxwell Edison, The Eighth Doctor
    • Language: english
    • ISBN: 9781905239092 (1905239092)
    • Author: Alan Barnes, Scott Gray, Adrian Salmon, Martin Geraghty, Elitta Fell
    • Places: Stockbridge, England

    About The Book

    The TARDIS materialises in what seems to be the town of Stockbridge, but the Doctor finds that the people have been replaced by living dolls — all but the Doctor’s old friend, Maxwell Edison, and Max’s friend and fellow paranormal investigator, a young sci-fi fan named Izzy. Max and Izzy have stolen an object called the Focus, which is sought by the Knight Templar Marwood — but as they and the Doctor flee Marwood’s foxhound-man hunters, they are confronted by the Celestial Toymaker, who has replaced the real Stockbridge with a toy version. The Toymaker and Marwood capture Max, but the Doctor and Izzy escape into the TARDIS and flee to the real Stockbridge, which the Toymaker is holding in a macro-dimensional pocket. There, Izzy finds her parents frozen in Time along with the rest of the village, but admits to the Doctor that she was adopted and doesn’t know who her real parents are.

    Izzy and the Doctor must return to the toy Stockbridge to save Max, knowing that the Toymaker will destroy the real village unless they play his game. In a Lego castle in the clouds, they are captured by Marwood and handed over to the Toymaker. The Toymaker forces the Doctor to play ‘Hangman’ with Izzy as the victim, but rather than risk losing, the Doctor hands over the Focus. The Focus is a vital component of a mirror engine called the Imagineum, which was constructed by a race of alchemists; it was acquired by the Templars when an alien spaceship crashed on Earth, and won by the Toymaker in a game of canasta with Marwood. The Imagineum can transform light into solid matter, and the Toymaker uses it to create a toy Doctor that attacks the real one.

    Izzy and Max are released into a giant game of ‘Mousetrap’, where they are pursued by Marwood’s fox-hounds; however, Izzy lures the hounds under a hundred-ton weight. When Marwood protests angrily, the bored Toymaker crushes a doll in Marwood’s likeness, killing the real Marwood. The toy-Doctor witnesses this, and accepts the real Doctor’s argument that the Toymaker will likewise dispose of him once he’s had his fill. While the toy-Doctor attacks the Toymaker, keeping him distracted, the real Doctor uses the Imagineum to create a toy Toymaker. The two Toymakers become locked in perpetual stalemate, and the toy Doctor destroys the Imagineum to ensure that they will be trapped forever. The Doctor, Izzy and Max flee back to the TARDIS, which the Doctor uses to free the real Stockbridge from the Toymaker’s dimensional pocket. The Doctor then departs, taking Izzy as his new travelling companion.

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